ATutor 1.5.2 Modules Release

[December 14, 2005] ATutor 1.5.2 is now available. In this release there have been some major changes to the underlying structure of the system. All functionality is now available in modules. The primary purpose for this change is to allow ATutor users to more easily create added functionality, or to create third party addon modules that link other applications into ATutor. New modules with this release include an FAQ utility, a Google search feature, and a RSS feeds module. The EWiki, ATalker, SCORM Packages, and ACollab modules have also been updated, so it is now possible to install them with just a couple mouse clicks. For more information, and a download from Sourceforge, visit the Web site. ATutor users are should upgrade their current system with version 1.5.2.



NetOP School

ChileSoftware NetOP School reemplaza la pizarra por el monitor

NetOp School 4.0, un software que facilita la aplicación de herramientas informáticas del siglo XXI en la sala de clases y reemplaza la pizarra por el monitor. Permite realizar una clase presencial completamente interactiva a través de computadores que no sólo están en red, sino que gracias a este software se encuentran en línea. La nueva versión 4.0 suma la capacidad de realizar pruebas y corregirlas on line.