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Create or Curate?

One of the current hot topics in e-learning is curation. But what exactly is curation? And what relevance does it have to e-learning?Interestingly the word derives from the Latin cura – meaning literally someone ‘who cares’. Curators have existed for thousands of years and their role is defined as follows:Traditionally, a curator or keeper of a gallery, museum, library or archive oversees an institution’s collections and is responsible for the safe keeping, display, documentation and interpretation of the objects and artefacts in the collection.Interpretation is the key word here. These institutions have substantial collections of objects and artefacts – way too much usually to put on display – so the role of the curator is to create an exhibit that combines a variety of artefacts in order that they may be interpreted in some way by the visitors. Interpretation is largely about telling stories. And not surprisingly it’s about learning so in that respect a curator is a sort of teacher.

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Defining Social Learning

Defining Social Learning.

Two years after we published The New Social Learning, I still hear people say “there is no definition” or worse yet, defining it in truly silly ways. A post with a slide of my definition is consistently one of the most popular posts on this site so I thought people might appreciate more on how I define the terms and what social learning is not. I’ll frame this in the questions I’m often asked. May Be The Mind Mapping Tool Youve Been Waiting For

We’ve been seeing a lot of Pinterest-inspired tools coming out in education technology over the past couple of months. They’re all meant to better organize your digital world. But what if a tool came along that actually wants to intentionally clutter it? is a new tool still in beta, launched last week that is a cross between Prezi and mind maps. It’s easy to use and share what you create perfect for most students, teachers, and parents but the real beauty of is in its lack of structure.

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