Fatty Pancreas and the Development of Type 2 Diabetes – Diet Doctor

The English friar and philosopher William of Ockham (1287-1347) is credited with developing the fundamental problem solving principle known as lex parsimoniae or Occam’s Razor. This principle holds that the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions is most often right. The simplest explanation is usually the most correct.Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” With that in mind, let’s remember that type 2 diabetes reflects two fundamental problems:Insulin resistanceBeta cell dysfunctionInsulin resistance, an overflow phenomenon, is caused by fatty infiltration of the liver and muscle. Without dietary intervention, defect #2 virtually always follows #1, albeit by many years. Also, #2 is almost never found without #1.Yet somehow, we are asked to believe that the mechanism behind insulin resistance and beta cell dysfunction are completely and utterly unrelated? Occam’s razor suggests that both defects must be caused by the same underlying mechanism.

Origen: Fatty Pancreas and the Development of Type 2 Diabetes – Diet Doctor


Low-Carb Vegetables, the Best and the Worst – Diet Doctor

What low-carb vegetables are good? There’s a very simple rule:Vegetables growing above ground are low carb and can be eaten freely.Vegetables growing below ground contain more carbs, so you’ll have to be more careful with them (especially potatoes).Like any rule it is not perfect, so have a look below.

Origen: Low-Carb Vegetables, the Best and the Worst – Diet Doctor

How To Build A Website People Don’t Want To Leave | Inc.com

With so many different trends springing up in the web design world, sometimes we lose focus on what makes a site successful. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen clients overlook the benefits of simplicity for unnecessary features, or even neglecting mobile, which in a lot of cases I recommend starting from scratch.Now, that’s not to say that every website needs an overhaul just because they’re poorly structured, but having a solid foundation in place will drive your engagement significantly. And believe it or not, it’s much simpler to get started on than you’d imagine.

Origen: How To Build A Website People Don’t Want To Leave | Inc.com