4 Types of Visuals You Can Use in eLearning, And Why They Work

As our world becomes more media-oriented, it grows increasingly clear that people show a preference for visual information over text. Graphs, diagrams, and other formats are more accessible than a block of text. However, poorly-presented data can do more harm than good. So, when using any of these visualization methods for eLearning,

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Hipoglucemia: explicación médica – Canal Diabetes | La televisión de la persona con diabetes

20 de octubre de 2014 • SÍNTOMAS DE DIABETES, VIDEO

La hipoglucemia en una persona con diabetes es una situación que se produce cuando el nivel de azúcar en la sangre está demasiado bajo. La Asociación Americana de Diabetes considera que existe hipoglucemia en el paciente con diabetes cuando los niveles de glucosa en sangre son inferiores a 70 mg/dL. En una persona sin diabetes estos valores tendrían que ser inferiores a 55 mg/dL para considerarse hipoglucemia.

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Un buen desayuno: remedio contra la diabetes

19/10/2014 03:00 AM
Una persona sana que mantiene ayunos prolongados tiene un 21% más riesgo de desarrollar diabetes en algún momento de su vida y los hombres tienen 27% más riesgo de sufrir un paro cardiaco. Sólo el desayuno proporciona el 25% de la energía total que el cuerpo requiere a lo largo del día y mantener ayunos prolongados aumenta seriamente el riesgo de desarrollar diabetes.

Tan sólo en México hay más de 13 millones de personas enfermas de diabetes de las cuáles únicamente 6 millones han sido diagnosticadas. El año pasado 80 mil 788 personas murieron en México por complicaciones relacionadas con esta enfermedad, lo que significó nueve muertes cada hora por esta razón.

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Your A1C…and How Long You Wait After Taking Your Insulin (Before Eating!)

There’s nothing quite so fun in life as the pursuit of that “perfect” A1C…oh, wait…that’s not fun at all! What is it about A1C percentages that leave you feeling so unsatisfied even when you hit your goal? It seems as if the day after a great A1C result is always filled with high blood sugars. Some kind of diabetic irony.

Anyways, if you’re struggling to reach your A1C goals or you’re just working hard and want to work harder…there’s a little thing we all know but easily forget that has a major impact on blood sugar:

…how long you wait after taking your insulin injection before you begin to eat.

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A Simple Technique You Can (and Should) Apply To Your eLearning Courses

The objective is creating content that enhances eLearners’ knowledge and ability to use it. Success is their mastery of complex content with a simple technique: using mental processes focused on identifying how items, concepts or ideas are alike and different.

That’s important because identifying similarities and differences requires comparing information, compartmentalizing ideas into categories and forging a connection to prior knowledge. Research by educators Marzano et al. found that strategies requiring learners to use comparative thinking upped their achievement by an average percentile gain of 45 points.

Plotting comparisons visually is particularly effective. Since the brain is always looking for connections between new concepts and prior knowledge, making comparisons creates more efficient learners.

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