✓ Guía definitiva con medidas para imágenes y vídeos en redes sociales

Finalmente y después de mucho research y pruebas puedo compartir con todos vosotros el documento que vais a querer guardar para SIEMPRE. Se trata de un documento online que te servirá como guía para crear contenidos en redes sociales. Este excel que siempre estará actualizado tiene todas las especificaciones (medidas, tamaño máximo, peso formato) para fotos y vídeos en las diferentes redes sociales.

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Aplicaciones móviles de diseño para crear súper contenidos

Hoy os quiero compartir un listado de las herramientas de diseño más interesantes para crear las mejores imágenes en redes sociales desde tus dispositivos móviles.Recuerda que si prefieres hacer gráficas más profesionales puedes usar otros programas de escritorio como Photoshop y luego guardar tus imágenes finales en Dropbox para poderlas subir fácilmente desde tu móvil a tus redes sociales.

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The Future of Learning special report published in The Times

RCNT.EU/NVHSZSUMMARYThe Future of Learning special report, published in The Times, investigates how to combat the skills crisis with lifelong learning programmes, why companies should upskill employees and how robots can teach workers new skills. In addition, it includes a pull-out infographic charting the required skills of the future

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The Fundamentals of Running A Successful Remote Team

People who doubted that remote, geographically dispersed teams would ever substitute co-located ones, can finally be proven wrong. With a rapidly increasing number of tech companies employing remote employees from around the world (as you’ll see below), this shift in work practices could change how companies function in the 21st century.Many of us, including myself, have been quite sceptic about remote teams for a long time. We have never thought that online communication can ever replace the traditional face-to-face approach to managing people. Especially once a company scales.I assume the biggest reason for this narrow-minded point of view was our false perception of business as a solely hierarchical system and the lack of experience working in companies that rely on a truly flat management structure – probably the management model of the 21st century.

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An inside look at how remote teams work

Many design and creative projects in today’s world often involve bringing an entire team of skilled professionals together to produce and deliver on a broad range of creative endeavors.These teams consist of a variety of people with different skills and creative chops to help meet the needs of the project. This often means that the teams are not located under the same roof, but in many different geographical areas.This happens for a variety of reasons: teams scout for and recruit the best talent for the job no matter their location, the project may require an on-site team that is located somewhere different than the rest of the team, the project changes or pivots and needs new skills and team members to adapt quickly and efficiently, or team members may be constantly on the move and changing their geographic locations frequently depending on the needs of the project and other obligations.Having geographically dispersed teams creates its own set of challenges and forces companies and creative agencies to look into new ways of working together to complete the project and reduce strain.Adobe recently released a case study on how Obscura uses Adobe Creative Cloud for teams to work with team members in different locations to create the projects in which they work on.

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Google launches a new Backup & Sync desktop app for uploading files and photos to the cloud | TechCrunch

As promised last month, Google has today launched its new “Backup and Sync from Google” tool, which aims to help users more easily backup the files and photos on their computer. The utility is meant to replace the older Google Photos desktop app, as well as the Google Drive client applications for both Mac and PC.Essentially, it’s combining the older apps’ functionality into one experience, so you don’t have to use two different software programs for the very similar purpose of getting files off your computer and into Google’s cloud.

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Fatty Pancreas and the Development of Type 2 Diabetes – Diet Doctor

The English friar and philosopher William of Ockham (1287-1347) is credited with developing the fundamental problem solving principle known as lex parsimoniae or Occam’s Razor. This principle holds that the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions is most often right. The simplest explanation is usually the most correct.Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” With that in mind, let’s remember that type 2 diabetes reflects two fundamental problems:Insulin resistanceBeta cell dysfunctionInsulin resistance, an overflow phenomenon, is caused by fatty infiltration of the liver and muscle. Without dietary intervention, defect #2 virtually always follows #1, albeit by many years. Also, #2 is almost never found without #1.Yet somehow, we are asked to believe that the mechanism behind insulin resistance and beta cell dysfunction are completely and utterly unrelated? Occam’s razor suggests that both defects must be caused by the same underlying mechanism.

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